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Recreational shelters - Gatineau


The RÉCRÉATIF shelter, a great alternative!

When a double shelter isn't sufficient, you have the option of the RÉCRÉATIF shelter. It can have a width of up to 25', a length of over 16', and a height of 14'!

It's manufactured from high-quality Alu-Zinc (Galvalume) steel, accompanied by a sturdy welded canvas. It's perfect for protecting your RÉCRÉATIF vehicle.

Shelter Rentals Gatineau
RÉCRÉATIF Shelter Specifications
Width 12′ à 25′
Length 16′ et plus
Clearance Height 14
Overall Height Selon la dimension
Arch Spacing 4′ ou 5′ (selon la dimension)
Steel Type Alu-zinc (Galvalume) Oval Shape (2 3/4″ x 1 5/8″, 16 Ga)
Canvas Type Alu-Zinc (Galvalume) Oval Shape (2 3/4" X 1 5/8", 16 Ga) Canvas Type: Woven Polyethylene Canvas, UV Stabilized, 7.0 Ounces Extra UV Stabilized Canvas (2 Times Superior), Commercial Quality, 12 Ounces
Color 7.0 Ounces : Light-Opaque
7.31 Ounces : White, Green
12 Ounces :White, Green, or gray
Windows(s) Available Upon Request Only